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Your Digital Billboard Advertising Agency

Digital outdoor advertising is no longer restricted to the 'big' brands.

Corner Marketing helps small and medium businesses use out of home advertising (OOH) to effectively drive brand awareness and recognition.

Speak to us about a digital outdoor advertising strategy tailored to your audience.

Get seen on billboards, bus stops, retail stores & more.

An 'old school' ad channel packing a big brand punch.

Billboards are a type of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising that have been used by large brands for decades. 

Digital billboards - usually 10 second looped features - have made this channel accessible to every business, no matter their size.  Here’s a few reasons why digital billboards are worth the investment: 

  • Hyper targeting: digital billboards have allowed brands to get specific on location, billboard types and even the time of day your brand is featured (so you’re not paying for exposure at 3am). Choose digital billboards that capture the most amount of audience attention and exposure.

  • Generate brand awareness: for challenger brands that need to build awareness with prospective customers, billboards are an opportunity to get front and centre with an eye-catching ad. Considering the amount of traffic that can be exposed to your brand, this channel can become much cheaper that Google ads. 

  • Reinforce brand recall: we know that effective brand awareness campaigns take 6+ months to impact brand recognition and sales. A digital billboard that’s scheduled over time starts to build that awareness in a non-intrusive manner. Although this channel requires requires commitment over time, you are becoming a standard feature in people’s daily habits. That’s the type of exposure needed to generate brand recognition.

  • Build brand fame: overtaking a digital billboard in a high traffic area with an engaging, intriguing, funny, memorable advertisement gets people noticing and talking about your brand. It shows audiences that you are a real local player worth their consideration. Since Fame (being talked about and shared) is considered one of the most important links to campaign effectiveness, digital billboards can be a great channel to add to your marketing mix. 

How digital billboard advertising can work for your business.
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Use digital billboards to support your marketing strategy

Out Of Home (OOH) advertising like digital billboards are an effective way to drive brand awareness and recall with local audiences. But it's important to note that OOH should supplement other areas like a strong website. Why?

When people are exposed to this ad and go searching for your brand, how easy are you to find in Google? What is the website experience like? Does the brand messaging reinforce the ad and resonate with and meet their pain points, needs and motivations? Do your other channels (i.e. social media like LinkedIn) look professional, trustworthy and show you can get the job done? 

Consider the entire experience with your brand. Speak to us about OOH and how to prioritise your efforts to best support your marketing objectives. 

Our approach as your billboard advertising agency:

Corner Marketing takes an evidence-based approach to your marketing strategy and considers the most best channels to meet your target audience.


If billboards are a good opportunity for your brand, we’ll provide guidance on:

  • Ad messaging that reflect your brand position.

  • Eye catching creative and branding.

  • Tailored ads to a digital billboard experience. 

  • Best locations & time to match your audience. 

Take your brand to the BIG screen and start generating awareness for your brand in locations that online ads can't reach. 

A digital outdooring ad buying platform allow you to set a budgets and timeframe. This budget will be spending according to the ad types you choose and the time of day that ads will feature. For example, the Cassie.IO ad buying platform charges: 

  • AU$23.75 per hour for perceived high impact locations like large billboards overlooking a highway.

  • AU$6-$10 per hour for perceived medium impact locations like shopping centres, bus shelters and urban panels.

  • AU$1-$3 per hour for perceived low impact locations like gas stations, doctor's offices and gyms.

Clear as mud? Your digital billboard advertising costs in Australia will be determined by the length of your ad campaign, locations and impression timeslots. Speak to us about developing an outdoor advertising strategy for your business. 

How much does digital billboard advertising cost in Australia?

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