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Your Social Media Marketing Agency

Your social channels are one of the most effective ways to stay connected with customers/members, reach new audiences and showcase great work.


But crafting the right message, at the right time, in the right place can take time away from running your business.


Let us be your social media marketing agency and create a social experience that your audience will love. 

Connect with your audience on the digital channels they use social media marketing.

Connect with people on the channels they use. 

LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram. X... There are dozens of social media platforms that businesses can utilise for marketing efforts right now. The real question is: does your target audience use these channels and is it worth your investment? 

Corner Marketing helps small and medium business owners to establish a social media presence that reflects their brand. We create social assets that catch attention and drive action through video, audio and text. Specifically, we help your business through:

Paid social media strategies: target audiences based on demographic, psychographic and behavioural data. This level of targeting allows you to 'introduce' your brand to relevant audiences, become an alternative to competitors, improve brand recall and drive conversions like leads, purchases and calls. 

Organic social media strategies: build trust and engage with social media users. We bring consistency to your organic social media channels with branded content that reflects what your business stand for. We'll find opportunities to engage in conversations with your prospects, customers, employees, partners and media. We can also provide community management (responding to questions and posts) as needed. 

Paid and organic social media strategies work best when they run together. Paid ads draw new audiences to your owned channels, while organic reinforces your brand positioning and meet their expectations. 

Become strategic with your social media marketing 
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Why social media marketing matters

For small business owners, social media management can quickly start sucking up time  and resources that can be better spent elsewhere. This is one of the main reason why they choose to outsource to local social media marketing agency. Corner Marketing has the tools and expertise to build your social media presence on the platforms that match your audience.


We will never recommend investment in a social media platform that does not truly reflect your target audience. 

Our social media marketing Process.

Once your audience and brand positioning has been defined, our team will identify the social media channels that best fit your business. 

We create a social posting schedule and approvals process that reflects your budget and marketing goals. 

Each month we'll provide reporting to review our progress, make recommendations and discuss changes. 

Need a social media marketing agency for your business?

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Every business deserves a local digital marketer in their corner.
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