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Yes: the humble email is still one of the best and low-cost methods for communicating online.


Email campaigns can help you to grow business with existing customers and warm up new leads.


Start nurturing your audiences with your personal email marketing agency.

Connect with your audience with email marketing for your small business. 

Educate and entertain audiences with automated email journeys.

Without email marketing, you're missing out on a crucial marketing strategy that can drive your business forward. Email marketing is a low-cost, targeted way to reach your audience and a no-brainer for any brand looking to grow. Small businesses love email marketing for a many reasons:

  • A channel that doesn't break the bank: highly cost-effective strategy that won't require you to splash out on expensive tools or paid advertising campaigns. With the right email marketing platform, you can create and send professional-looking emails that deliver results.

  • Highly targeted: by segmenting your audience and personalising the message your emails become more relevant. Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time to improve click through and open rates

  • Data-driven performance: monitoring your email performance open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversions helps you to make informed decisions for constant improvement.

  • Drive awareness and loyalty: regular emails to subscribers will keep them informed about your latest products, services, and promotions, while reinforcing your brand identity. Keep them engaged with your brand by providing valuable content.

  • Automated email journeys: automation features like trigger emails, automated workflows, and drip campaigns save you time and effort. Streamline communication with your audience and know they're getting the right message on time.


Why email marketing works for every business size
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The case for email marketing

Email marketing for small business is cost-effective, targeted, measurable, and easy to automate. If you need email help, we act as your email marketing agency to set up campaigns, monitor performance and drive results. Reach out to our email marketing consultants for straightforward advice on setting this up for your business.

Our email marketing Process.

We start wherever you are in your email marketing journey. If you send a regulr newsletter that needs management, brand redesign, or new copy - we can help with that. 

If you're currently building a list of email contacts and need to set up automated email journeys in your email platform, we can help with that too. 

If you don't have a list and need to identify the right email platform for your business goals, we've got you covered. 

Corner Marketing acts as your email marketing agency. Start connecting with customers and prospects in a low-cost, familiar format. 

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