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Starting right: a digital marketing strategy for small & medium business owners is the cornerstone to sustainable growth. 

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We believe every business - no matter the size - should have a digital marketing strategy in place to direct their efforts with the right message, to the right audiences, on the right channels. 

Corner Marketing builds digital marketing strategy for small businesses with evidence-based marketing principles and best-in-class research tools. We begin by understanding your competitors, market search intent and key audience segments. We then outline your unique market position and set achievable objectives to improve your online presence. 


A digital marketing strategy for small business is your compass for action. We make sure your efforts are pointing in the right direction.

A small business digital marketing strategy gives you:

Market intelligence: search behaviour, competitor research, segmentation. 

Audience intelligence: Targeting, brand positioning, digital channel strategy.

Key objectives: a refined set of objectives based on market and audience insights. 

The tools we use & why: 


Semrush is an industry leading SEO tool that tracks audience search behaviour and measures website health. We use Semrush for market research, audience intelligence and competitor understanding. Google is the biggest search engine on the planet and a strong business presence is critical to success.



SparkToro is a popular digital marketing tool for another reason - it looks beyond Google search and into the wider web. Think YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, third party publishers, news outlets and more. We use this to get an even deeper understanding of your audiences and the channels they use. 

With a strategy in place, see our other services:

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