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Personal Branding

Your leadership team is the expert voice of your business, giving a uniquely human experience to customers and prospects. 


Yet it’s a resource that most businesses won’t use because of time, or fear, or not knowing ‘exactly’ what to say.


Use your leader voices as a competitive edge. Every founder, executive and identity have years of stories and opinions inside of them that are valuable, entertaining and educational. 


We’re here to surface these stories and use them to build your authority and engage with your audience.

Building your authority. Engage your audience. 

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Make your personal brand your competitive edge.

We help leaders craft the right message, create valuable content and build an engaged community. We’ve worked with senior executives for Fortune 500 companies to small businesses owners and every one of them had something valuable, educational and/or entertaining to say. Examples of personal branding actions can include:

  • Customer testimonials.

  • Updates on company news. 

  • Words of wisdom from professional experiences. 

  • New research and insights from you/your team. 

  • Engagement with customers online.

  • Commentary on industry trends. 

  • LinkedIn: posts, & engagement (comment, like, reshare). Learn more.

  • Forewords, newsletters and email. 

  • Media articles. 

  • Video and graphic design. 

  • Community management. 

  • Audio snippets.


Consistency is key to building your personal brand and becoming a voice that engages audiences. From LinkedIn to media publications, we help you build authority in your subject matter expertise and add your voice to the industry conversation.

Why personal branding matters
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Common barriers and how we overcome

I don’t have time. So we do the lifting for you. Our writers will conduct monthly exploratory calls to efficiently capture your views, opinions and tone. We use this information and our audience intelligence tools to draft weekly social assets (posts and engagements). Consistency is key to building your personal profile, so we make it as easy as review - copy - paste. 


I don’t know what to say. So we help shape your voice. Every executive will receive a messaging document that outlines their subject matter expertise and key topic areas. Our writers use this to uncover relevant conversations online that your voice can add value


I don’t like the spotlight on me. So we only post content that has something of real value, that’s extending the conversation with new insights, opinions and examples. We’ll never provide you with salesy copy.

Our Personal Branding approach:

Our process will capture your unique insights and tailor these into commentary designed for the channel destination. This could mean:


  • Bite-sized posts for LinkedIn and other social channels.

  • A foreword for the latest email newsletter or business report.

  • Long-form media articles designed for publications relevant to your audience. 

When the messaging is set and agreed, we provide this consistency. We’ll conduct an exploratory all to understand your audience, subject matter expertise, opinions and points of view. With this information we create messaging pillars and use our audience intelligence tools to identify the themes and conversations that matter to your audience. 


We report back to you and set up a posting schedule at a cadence that suits you. We’ll track engagements with your posts, report back and use insights to inform our future posts. ​

Need Personal Branding for your business?

Get in touch:

0452 566 422

How can we help?
What services do you need?

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