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LinkedIn can be a key channel for many small and medium business for its incredible targeting capabilities and fast growing membership.


If your audience is B2B, this is a channel worth exploring. We can help you understand the size of your audience on LinkedIn and set up LinkedIn advertising campaigns that cut through. 

Speak to us about our LinkedIn marketing approach for paid advertising, organic posting and engagement, personal branding and more. 

Access the largest network of professionals at your fingertips.

Target audiences by geography, company, title, business size, seniority and more.

As your LinkedIn advertising and marketing agency, we can provide expertise for a range of advertising options available on the platform. 


  • Single Image Ads: eye catching, on brand creative via a single static image. Good for driving click throughs and action. 

  • Video Ads: the ability to promote video ads and GIFs (3 seconds - 30 minutes) in the Linkedin native feed. Great for generating awareness & consideration.

  • Carousel Ads: a suite of static images (max 10) that thread together to tell a storytelling way. Good for increasing in-platform engagement. 

  • Conversation Ads: send people a message and let them choose their own journey. Good for lead generation and more personalised ads.  

  • Event Ads: invite targeted audiences to your upcoming event. Good for sharing event information and easy registration management.

  • Dynamic Ads: these ad types feature your brand logo in different areas within LinkedIn. Good for brand awareness and personalised messages. 

  • Lead Gen Forms: a form fill presented to target audiences with a tailored offer. Usually auto-fills and completed within 2 clicks. Great for lead generation. 

  • Message Ads: send target audiences a message with attached and a single CTA. Good for providing more information than Conversation Ads. 

  • Text Ads: these ads will run in the top right corner of your target audience’s LinkedIn feed. Good for desktop only campaigns. 

That’s a lot of ads! There are benefits and drawbacks to each format depending on your advertising goals. As your LinkedIn advertising agency, we’ll help you connect the right ads to your marketing goals and budget. Speak to us about LinkedIn advertising for your business today.

Types of LinkedIn advertising
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Why LinkedIn Advertising
& Marketing matters

Over 1 billion unique members across 200 countries has made LinkedIn the most popular professional network on the market. 12.7 million of these members are Aussies. With a 12% increase in engagements for Q1 2024 alone, LinkedIn shows no signs of slowing down. This includes middle and senior leaders of the world’s largest companies. 

Your prospects and customers are likely using likedIn making it an incredible relevant channel to reach them for your business. LinkedIn has the power to target audiences by geography, company, title, business size. Seniority and more. No other social network has this capacity. 

What’s more, LinkedIn is now a popular touchpoint for prospects interested in your business. Having an active organic presence (posting and engagements) build trust, reinforces your brand positioning and reminds platform audiences that you are ready to serve. 

Our LinkedIn approach:

Similar to Google Ads, LinkedIn provides detailed reporting on advertising performance to help us continually evolve and improve your campaign. But unlike Google Ads, we can see the audience’s company, seniority level, industry, expertise and more. Audience profiling is an incredible strength of LinkedIn above any other social media network. 


Your business goals will determine the types of ads to run and how campaigns are set up. For example: 


Awareness is key if you’re not recognised by your target audience today. Getting in front of prospects with LinkedIn advertising that catches attention is a crucial first step. For this, one metric we target is cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and frequency.


Consideration is key if you’re in a hotly contested space. Creating content that encourages clicks and social interactions will refresh and create new memories of your brand in the mind of target audiences. For this, an example metric we can target is Cost Per Click (CPC) and social interactions. 


Lead generation is key if you’re ready to drive leads now. LinkedIn has a unique function where you can present an offering (advice, audit, demo, deal, unique content etc.). LinkedIn’s strength is that this offer can be accepted within 1-2 easy clicks, usually auto-populated with their details, without ever leaving the platform. A low friction process to lead generation. For this, an example metric we can track is ‘form fills’. 

Like Google, you can split LinkedIn into two types of activity - paid and organic. Organic is free and includes posts to your LinkedIn feed, commenting on posts and conversations of other LinkedIn members including industry peers, media publications and businesses. 

On the other hand, Paid LinkedIn advertising costs at a budget you set, to connect with target audiences that use the platform that you may not know. 


Campaigns are set up with an advertising type in mind: boosted organic post, sponsored ad, InMail and so on depending on your business goals.


So how much does LinkedIn advertising cost? The minimum spend for a single campaign is AU$10 per day. To see results, we recommended setting budgets at a minimum of $500 to $1000 per month at a duration of 3 months. You can set up campaigns for short stints of just a few weeks. We don’t recommend that. Why? 


In general, 95% of your target audience is not ready to buy at any one time. Therefore, the most effective way to advertise is building brand awareness and recall with consistent messaging over extended periods of time. So pick a budget that you can maintain over a 6-12 month stint.

How much does LinkedIn advertising cost?

LinkedIn is a professional marketplace of ideas, conversations and connections. This presents an opportunity for you to take part and showcase your subject matter expertise. When you have defined your personal branding, we can help you identify the peers, publications and potential customers and their activity on LinkedIn. 


Adding your perspective showcases subject matter expertise, adds a human voice to your brand and generates messaging with the right audiences online. In turn, this creates opportunity to receive social engagements from these identities, enhancing your own reputation. 


As a business owner, executive and team leader, maintaining your LinkedIn presence can attract new prospects, build topic authority and reputation, and spark new conversations. Start taking part in this exciting digital channel!

Business owners, executives and team leaders are the voices of your business. They’re a human touch to showcase subject matter expertise, service and marketplace culture. Adding your voice to the industry conversations that matter can be incredibly helpful in driving awareness and consideration for your brand with the right audience. 


Not sure what to say or how to say it? We’ve got your personal branding covered. 

LinkedIn personal branding

A LinkedIn post can engage readers from the start or present a wall of unappealing, impenetrable text. 


We help you create posts that engage. 


The first line (before the automated truncation kicks in… ) must be sharp with a hook designed for your target audience, showing them why it's worth their time to read on. 


The body copy should be educational, informative, engaging and/or helpful to your intended reader in some way. 


There’s a few writing and platform tricks for this. Emojis can help to catch the eye, but too many will make your post look like a children’s finger painting. 


The structure of your post should be easy to read, but not like a Dr Suess story. 


In the end it’s all about tone and reflecting your personal brand. Don’t know what that is yet? Speak to us about personal branding. 

Anatomy of a LinkedIn post

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